Children's paradise

De Rheezerbelten is a paradise for children: the delicious pancakes, the playground by the sheltered terrace, the children's hiking trail 'Knof ', and all of this in a beautiful setting that invites you to romp, climb and discover. But that's not all: How about a game of mini golf, a ride in a covered wagon or a paddle tour, for example? Almost too much for a single day!

Everything for the little ones

A huge selection of delicious pancakes – for big and small pancake lovers. In our pancake restaurant there is a special children's menu, and if you still can't find what you're looking for, you can put together your personal favorite pancake. 
Don’t fancy pancakes today? Not to worry, our menu also offers numerous delicious plates and snacks.

Lots of space for children

We understand that it is sometimes difficult for young guests to wait quietly at the table for their food. That's why children get a coloring placemat and coloring pencils with which they can while away the time. Those who prefer not to wait at the table can have fun in the 'Knofs Playforest' play area or outside on the playground. In short - lots of freedom of movement and play for children!

Play, climb, romp

In the playground by the terrace, children can play to their heart's content, a safe distance from the street. Sliding, scrambling around in the climbing net or balancing over the big tree, rigging up sand - great fun guaranteed! Adventure is also tempting in the surrounding area: the mighty sand dunes of the Rheezerbelten are great for romping around. These 15 to 20 meter high drifts can also be discovered with an exciting GPS tour.

Knof the Toad | Children's hiking trail

Solve the puzzle on Knof the Toad! Knof is a chef at De Rheezerbelten. 
Yesterday he baked the most delicious pancakes, and now he's gone! Help find Knof and expose the culprit! Follow in the footsteps and discover what happened to Knof. 'Knof the Toad' is a discovery tour for children from 7 to 12 years old, which leads across the habitat of the European spadefoot toad. Go on a discovery tour with the Vechtdal-Knapsack full of little surprises and solve the riddle! The costs are € 5,95, 'followers' pay € 2,50.

Discover the secrets of nature

If you want to discover even more secrets of nature, you shouldn't miss a visit to the nature activity center De Koppel in Hardenberg! Here children - and adults - can learn even more about the toad migration and many other natural phenomena. Microscopes are available in the 'discovery corner' so that insects, owl pellets and plants can be examined up close. In summer, children can look for aquatic creatures in the De Koppel pond with a scoop net and bucket or take part in special children's play afternoons. To close the day; a pancake at De Rheezerbelten!

Children’s  birthday party

Looking for an unique location for a children's birthday party? De Rheezerbelten has everything to make your party a huge success: lots of opportunities to play, romp and climb, numerous opportunities for exciting activities and finally a delicious pancake, french fries or an ice cream! We offer various interesting packages for every taste, every age group and every budget.
Insider tip: De Rheezerbelten is also the ideal destination for a school trip! Inquire about the possibilities, we look forward to your inquiry! Contact us by phone +31 523 270012, or email us.